Weather Tidbits

Gibraltar’s Levanter – By Stephanie Ball posted Sunday 03rd September 2017.

Gibraltar’s Levanter cloud could be said to be as iconic as the Rock itself, with many historic references made to it – and is it any wonder why, when the images below are just a few of the amazing examples of beautiful cloud formations and Meteorology that the flow of Easterly winds produce around this Rock. I often wonder what the first seafarers might have made of such a sight.

While bouts of Easterly winds are usual in summer for Gibraltar, MeteoGib has been conducting some research over the last few summers which have seen a general upsurge in the prevalence of Easterly winds, not least this summer of 2017. But what has been even more of note this summer, and which residents of Gibraltar will attest to – has been endless periods of high humidity throughout June to August, but especially August. Through August for example, there was a run of 17 consecutive days where the Mean Daily Humidity averaged more than 80%. Perhaps the only upside of this, is that we have been treated to images such as below.

The first two images were snapped yesterday evening, Saturday 02nd September, by MeteoGib’s Weather photographer Steve Ball. They clearly show the change in flow around the Rock and with altitude. The second two daytime images were snapped on Friday 01st September for MeteoGib by Drew Staton, a local sailing instructor. Both of these show a more lenticular type Levanter or Stratocumulus Lenticularis. The second in particular showing a double structure or Lenticular stack, also given the name “pile d’assiettes”.