Marine Weather Forecasts & Routing

Marine Weather Forecasts


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With a wide expertise in marine weather forecasts, MeteoGib can help with all your sailing and shipping weather needs, whether sailing the coastal waters of the Mediterranean or crossing the Atlantic. Whether you’re a sole yachtsman or run a major shipping company, we can help you plan your route by warning and advising you of severe weather in advance. We can also help by providing advice to you should you encounter bad weather en-route. Whether you need a forecast for just the next 24 hours or right up to a full 5 day weather forecast then we can help, so please contact us.

Alternatively, maybe you run a sailing club or school? Why not add a “Basic Meteorology for Sailing” or “Sailing the Straits of Gibraltar” bespoke Weather Course to your sailing package, delivered by an experienced and qualified Meteorologist, to offer something extra to your members and students?

Would you benefit from timely/ accurate forecasts delivered to your mobile or sat phone?

If so, then why not try our special marine weather forecast service…