MeteoGib – Paving a new Path in Weather Education

MeteoGib has now launched its new live streaming weather webcam, generating a surge of activity across its Social Media channels and with many very positive reviews already received.

The introduction of MeteoGib’s new Weather Webcam collage-2017-07-27marks the start of a forthcoming new concept in interactive online weather education for Gibraltar, if not globally. MeteoGib’s concept, especially during times of interesting weather, is to invite followers to watch the live weather stream, while at the same time educating viewers on, for example, the particular cloud types visible and the associated meteorological processes taking place that day.

MeteoGib is a private Marine and Commercial Weather Consultancy, launched in April 2015 by Professional Meteorologist, Stephanie Ball, following a 30 year career with the UK Met Office. Stephanie is a Fellow of the Royal Meteorological Society and is passionate around the wider promotion of meteorology, especially the unusual weather and micro-climates often experienced in Gibraltar, along with its well-known and iconic ‘cap cloud’ or Levanter cloud.

The webcam is sited on the 7th floor roof of the prestigious new World Trade Center, Gibraltar, which was formally inaugurated in Feb 2017 and which is home to MeteoGib’s office. The webcam delivers fantastic 360 degree live streaming views in full 1080P HD via the MeteoGib website.

You can view the MeteoGib Weather Webcam live stream at